Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

is Peace of Mind.

Homeowners Insurance

Insurance for the house is the most important insurance you can buy. It protects what is likely your largest asset and works as the foundation for other coverage, off-premises theft, the liability of other properties, and excess liability. It is the anchor of your insurance package and, combined with your car insurance, will ensure your family is covered in any event.

Auto Insurance

Car Insurance is a multi-faceted entity, covering not just your car but also the people inside your car, and the other car (or other people’s property) in the event you are deemed at fault or if the other car is uninsured or underinsured when they are at fault.

Condo & Co-op Insurance

Condo and co-op units are treated very similar with regards to insurance. Beyond the individual unit insurance, it is important to have a copy of the building’s “master policy”, the building’s insurance policy, that covers the building itself, the building’s liability, and all common areas, like the lobby, corridors, etc. This master policy is paid for by the unit owners through their monthly or annual dues or fees.

Renters Insurance

Anyone renting an apartment or house should have a renter’s policy. It provides affordable insurance protection for your personal belongings and gives you coverage should someone be injured on the premises. The landlord’s insurance will not protect you or your property. Excess liability coverage is also available for any itemized jewelry, fine art/antique, or valuables.

Excess Liability or Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is third-party insurance, providing an extra level of liability coverage above and beyond that which the primary home and/or car insurance provides. This fully protects your assets against a possible lawsuit.

Flood and Excess Flood Insurance

Flood insurance not only covers tidal surges and river flow but any and all water entering the house from outside. If, for example, a downpour creates a surface runoff that causes the overflow of water to enter your home, any consequent damage would be covered by flood insurance. Flood insurance should be considered by everybody who owns a home.

Valuable Articles Insurance

This insurance protects collections or individual pieces of value that require more detailed coverage, worldwide. These items must be named on an itemized schedule. There is no deductible on this coverage.

Builders Risk Insurance

Builders risk insurance can be added to an existing homeowners policy when additional coverage is required, say during a construction or renovation project, or it can be issued as a stand-alone policy when the project involves construction from the ground up. The coverage lasts for the duration of the project.

Workers Compensation & NY State Disability

These are mandatory State Law coverages that protect employees in the workplace, providing workers compensation and disability in the event of a work-related injury or illness.

Personal Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft insurance covers your boat and all liability for bodily injury to others or property damage, in the event of an at-fault accident.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance provides all the same coverages that are included in your car policy. Towing and labor costs and special endorsements like rider protection packages are also available.

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